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Thank you for choosing DISHgrace Party Rentals. Please complete the following fields before submitting your request. Please note that submitting your request is not a guarantee of service; nor are you under any obligation until your contract is confirmed. For immediate service or to reserve your date NOW, please phone 530.836.2708. Thank you!
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Non-Profit Event Donation Request
Please note: DISHgrace Party Rentals loves the people and organizations that make Plumas County such a wonderful place to live. Thank you for all you do! We proudly support local organizations through the donation of items for fundraising events. Our annual donation quota is an exceptionally high percentage of our receipts, but is reserved quickly. Please plan ahead! Donations are made on a first come, first served basis to qualifying non-profit organizations, charities, and schools, as we see fit.
PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE REQUEST FORM ABOVE! This form alone does not provide us with all of the information we need to schedule your event.
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DISHgrace may hang a sign at the event.
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If DISHgrace has donated to your organization before, what was the amount of the donation?
If DISHgrace has NOT donated to your organization before, please use this opportunity to tell us who you are and what you do in our community.
Thank you for your request! If all information is complete, we will respond to your request within ten business days. Please list any other information below:
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